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AIF members are a diverse mix of people with the common interest in investing in startup companies. Some members are experienced investors; some are doing it for the first time. We come together to learn more about the process and the companies we’re considering. We like to share our knowledge and experience with each other for the purposes of :

  • Helping new companies get off the ground
  • Supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Connecticut and the region
  • And of course, getting a better return on our portfolios

AIF membership is open to individuals who a considered “accredited investors” by the SEC and are interested in investing their own funds in start-up companies. Members make their own investment decisions (whether and how much to invest) independently, but we look at companies together and share in due diligence tasks.

As a member, you’ll have the following benefits:

  • Monthly meetings where you can see two to three companies present
  • The ability to participate on due diligence committees
  • Educational presentations at our regular meetings as well as special meetings given by AIF
  • Membership in ACA and member pricing at regional and national ACA events
  • Access to GUST – an online “deal room” where members can see information about deals. This information is submitted by entrepreneurs as well as other AIF members and other investor groups AIF has relationships with.
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Conflict of Interest

AIF membership is not for people who are primarily interested in looking for a job or soliciting for consulting engagements. You will be asked to resign your membership if you are seen as soliciting too strongly. You will not be asked to drop your AIF membership if you accept a job or an engagement with a company you meet through AIF, however we expect you to be upfront with the members and any presenting companies regarding any arrangements you have with companies that appeal to AIF for funding or their competition.


Dues are $1,200 per calendar year. For new members who join mid-year, dues are reduced on a quarterly basis.

Members must be approved by the AIF Board. You’ll be notified as soon as your membership is approved.


If you are an accredited investor, you may attend two AIF meetings as a guest (you’ll be required to sign a form indicating you are an accredited investor). After that you’ll be ask to join before attending any more meetings.

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